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April 23: Virtual Parent Workshop (Suicide, Self Harm & Mental Health- TEAMS LINK

April 26: Last Day for PTO Board Nominations (Google Form

April 27: Great 8 Dance (8th grade ONLY) (VOLUNTEER)

May 3: Parent Coffee Social, 8:35AM (after drop off), Empire Cafe Patio

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May 27: Memorial Day, NO SCHOOL

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3/22/2024 3:31 pm

The PTO Nominating Committee is seeking leaders to serve as officers on the Lanier PTO Executive Board for the 2024-2025 school year. If you or another individual could be an asset as an officer, please submit the online Google Form here.  Any member of the PTO, parent or staff member, may nominate someone, including themselves. 


If you prefer to submit a paper copy, please print and return the attached form in a sealed envelope to the Lanier PTO box in the school’s front office. Alternatively, you may also email all requested information to


Nominations are due no later than April 26th, 2024.


Information collected will remain confidential within the Nominating Committee. The committee will review the nominations, conduct interviews, and then put forward an officer slate for the PTO. Their report/officer slate will be publicized 7 days prior to the May PTO meeting, and the officer slate will be presented and voted upon by the PTO membership at that meeting. 


If you have any questions, please contact the Nominating Committee at the email address listed above. 

Nominating Committee Members: Elizabeth Wallace (PTO President-Elect), Katie Gould-Marks (VP Volunteers), Martina Lüke-Dorn (VP Social Events), Jessy Morgenroth (VP Finance), Eileen Hairel (HISD Liaison), and Barbara Nassif.


A brief description of the board positions for the 2024-2025 school year is as follows: 

President-Elect - shall commit to serve as the next President, serve on the Budget Committee, and chair the Nominating Committee

VP Finance - shall serve on the Budget Committee and shall chair the Audit Committee.

Treasurer shall make a report at each meeting, chair the Budget Committee and assist in preparing the budget, prepare and file state and federal tax forms, purchase and maintain necessary insurance, keep records of all LMS PTO financial transactions and make financial information available to members

VP Fundraising - shall oversee fundraising activities and events and serve on the Budget Committee.

VP Communications - shall coordinate internal communications between the Executive Board and members, oversee external community communications, and oversee the website, social media accounts and online activity of LMS PTO.

VP Social Events - shall coordinate and oversee all social (non-fundraising) activities of LMS PTO.

VP Volunteers - shall coordinate all volunteers for LMS PTO activities, maintain a roster of all LMS PTO committees and chairs, confirm VIPS clearance of committee chairs, and collect and preserve plans of work from all committees.

HISD Liaison - shall attend or observe necessary district meetings and facilitate communication between LMS PTO and the HISD community.

Parliamentarian - shall ensure that all bylaws and standing rules are upheld and revised as needed, shall serve as chair of bylaws revisions committee and shall rule on any point of procedure according to Robert's Rules of Order

Secretary - shall be responsible for keeping records of Board actions, including the taking of minutes at meetings, sending out meeting announcements, and distributing copies of minutes and agendas to board members

Thank you for participating in this process.